2017 Trust Builder Award Winners

Collaboration is a key ingredient in the future success of healthcare.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Trust Builder Award Winner

Mark Schroeder

EHR Manager
Norton Sound Health Corporation

Mark Schroeder is the 2017 Trust Builder Award winner in the category of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI). Mark was nominated for the award by his colleague, Megan Mackiernan.

As the EHR Manager for Norton Sound Health Corporation, Megan’s nomination of Mark for the award was centered around the accomplishments he’s achieved with the Electronic Health Record adoption. Mark brought a background with the VA EHR solution to his role at Norton Sound. He led the implementation of the EHR for Norton Sound into a functional and thriving solution for the organization.

Megan Mackiernan shared details regarding Mark’s ability to work with various groups at Norton Sound. Specifically, she highlighted Mark’s ability to work with the physician population. After rolling out the EHR for Norton Sound in 2014, physicians nominated Mark for employee of the year 3 years running. When asked about the value Mark brings to the physician population, Megan stated, “Our physicians would quit if Mark ever left.” His ability to roll-out a major organization-wide change while maintaining solid relationships with the physicians of Norton Sound led to Mark receiving the 2017 Trust Builder Award.

Others on the EHR implementation team at Norton Sound also understand the value Mark brings to the organization. Mark has been described as bringing an “aura of calm” when all others seem to be frantic or alarmed regarding the EHR. His colleagues noted his willingness to help at all hours and the fact that he serves as a go-to person for IT support. Communication and the ability to step anyone through a solution to their problem have added to the value Mark brings to all departments at Norton Sound.

Mark has also worked within Health Information Management, Revenue Cycle and Quality teams at Norton Sound to help ensure data the EHR is providing the organization is meaningful and useful. His colleagues noted he is a consensus builder and a natural leader. His ability to work with all levels in the organization and across all departments makes Mark an ideal candidate for the Trust Builder Award.

Mark has proven his ability to lead an organization in establishing the tools and teamwork necessary for solid clinical documentation. He is noted by his colleagues as being committed to the organization’s success and a collaborative member of the team. We are honored to award the 2017 Clinical Documentation Improvement Trust Builder Award to Mark.

Mark has chosen three local organizations that will share his $2,500 Trust Builder Award charitable donation:

  1. Boys and Girls Club of Nome
  2. PAWS of Nome (People for Animal Welfare & Safety)
  3. Nome Search and Rescue

Health Information Management Trust Builder Award Winner

Seth Katz, MPH, RHIA

Associate Administrator, Information Management
Truman Medical Centers

Seth Katz is the 2017 Trust Builder Award winner in the category of Health Information Management (HIM). Seth was nominated for the award by his colleague, Karen Reynolds.

Karen shared several details on the work Seth had accomplished as an HIM leader at Truman Medical Centers in Kansas City, MO. She highlighted his work to bring Clinical Documentation Improvement under the guidance of the HIM department at Truman Medical Centers as a main reason for his nomination. In 2015, Seth was given oversight of CDI in conjunction with his responsibilities for Health Information Management. He increased the transparency of various key performance indicators for the program using a scorecard reviewed at regular revenue cycle team meetings. These efforts raised the physician response rate from 59% to 98%.  Improved physician relationships and enhanced HIM software dropped the physician delinquency rate at Truman from a 15% high to around 3%.

Seth was also instrumental in transitioning Truman Medical Centers to a full outsourced approach in medical record coding. As this was a major shift from the historical model at Truman, Seth worked with various internal parties to ensure the move was beneficial across the organization. This included negotiating positions for the 24 members of the Truman coding team with the outsourced coding provider.

Truman Medical Center physicians have also received benefits from Seth’s work around eSignature. Seth led the rollout of the eSignature solution at Truman. As part of his leadership efforts, Seth regularly meets with physicians to support their adoption of the eSignature solution.

In addition to the major transition accomplishments Seth has lead at Truman Medical Centers, he has also helped the organization achieve the HIMSS Stage 7 status which helped expand his scope beyond traditional HIM, bringing both the IT Education and the organization’s project management responsibilities under the department’s purview.

Outside of the work Seth takes on at Truman, he is also actively involved in the community. Seth teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Kansas and the local community college. He is a youth leader at his Synagogue and is a published author of both a fiction book and as a part of practice briefs in the Journal of AHIMA. Seth has also served in several speaking capacities over the years at both the AHIMA national convention and the Cerner Health Conference. He currently serves on the Missouri Health Information Management Association’s board and dedicates 80 hours per year to guide HIM students with internships in his department.

Seth embodies the traits the Trust Builder Awards were designed to recognize including transparency, encouragement, collaboration, honesty, engagement, and commitment. We are honored to award the 2017 Health Information Management Trust Builder Award to Seth.

Seth has chosen the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City to receive his $2,500 Trust Builder Award charitable donation.