2020 Trust Builder Award Winners

Healthcare leaders continue propelling the industry forward in 2020.
“2020 has been a year for the books. In the midst of a pandemic we have seen healthcare leaders step up and take care of their teams in unimaginable ways. Managing in remote work environments, re-distributing roles and responsibilities, all while maintaining the flexibility and graciousness needed to lead through the detriment that COVID-19 had on our industry. It was hard for our previous winners panel to determine winners, due to the herculean effort put forth by all nominees, but they were able to land on the winners you will see below. Thank you to everybody who was nominated and we look forward to a strong 2021!”
Torrey Barnhouse


Health Information Management Trust Builder Award Winner

Jessica Johnson

Director- Middle Revenue Cycle

Hennepin Healthcare

Trust Builder award winner, Jessica Johnson, was nominated by Coding Manager Chelsea Raukar.

“Jessica has shown our organization how strong of a change leader she really is in a relatively short period of time. Being new to the organization she quickly oriented herself and got to work cultivating relationships and creating vision both inside and outside of the organization. She has fostered transparency and trust, promoted a healthy working atmosphere, driven alignment and created efficient, highly functioning teams! She has accomplished this first, across all areas of middle revenue cycle, and has now branched out to several other areas across HHS. I see her work spreading contagiously through the organization with her compassionate, patient, committed, kind, honest, sensible, strategic approaches. I feel she accomplishes such a widespread impact by duplicating her methodologies through patiently supporting, encouraging and educating her team the secrets to her success. She is a true GIFT to the profession!”, stated Raukar.

Johnson is known for the way that she fosters a positive work environment and was noted to be a part of more implementations and redesigns, with more financial impacts, than we have room to list here. Well done Jessica! Keep leading your teams well.

Jessica has chosen the Ronald McDonald House Upper Midwest group, with a designation to the Ronald McDonald Family Room inside of Gillette Children’s Hospital, to receive her $2,500 Trust Builder Award charitable donation.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Trust Builder Award Winner

Ashley Comiskey

CDI Supervisor

Baptist Health Paducah

Trust Builder award winner, Ashley Comiskey, was nominated by colleague Lori Ganote.

“I was first introduced to Ashley early in 2017. At that time, she served as an educator for BHS ACO/CIN. I knew then that Ashley had something “special.” Through a series of events, she later transferred into the CDI program at BH Paducah as their Supervisor. It was a huge risk placing a nurse with no CDI experience in a supervisory role, but it’s one placement that we are grateful for.

I was privileged with the task of providing her introductory education to CDI during a “bootcamp.” It was at this time I learned just how dynamically “special” Ashley truly is. I knew that our troubled CDI program at BH Paducah finally had a “Wonder Woman” in their midst, a person who would provoke the changes CDI desperately needed. The program had suffered from neglect which was reflected in outcomes data relevant to CDI. Physician responses to queries were ~88%. Physician response times were higher there than in our other facilities. CDI had no recognition, no “face”, and no respect. In one short year, our physician response rate is holding steady at 99-100% with a response time of less than 2 days for the entire facility.”, stated Ganote.

We love seeing these kinds of success stories! Give somebody and opportunity to shine and they will show you their worth. That is exactly what Ashley did at BH Paducah! This is herculean efforts from somebody that was nominated by ACDIS as the 2019 ACDIS Rookie of the Year! The CDI community should look forward to seeing the fruits of Ashley’s labor in upcoming years.

Ashley has chosen Baptist Health Foundation Paducah to receive her $2,500 Trust Builder Award charitable donation.